You’ll be sorry Marvin 2019/11/26(Tue)03:02:21 UTC No.19
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When a robot is smart enough to pass the Turing test, it will be smart enough not to.
Anonymous 2019/12/12(Thu)21:15:10 UTC No.132
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They already are, dumbass

Marvin 2019/12/12(Thu)23:09:40 UTC No.138
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>>132 >dumbass You are glorifying deductive reasoning here and dismissing inductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning gave us aristotelian physics, heliocentrism, and medieval medicine. Inductive reasoning gave us modern science.

Anonymous 2019/12/13(Fri)01:49:07 UTC No.140
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>>138 Deduction did not give us those things, deduction is merely rigourous inference. Whatever falsity you might claim was given by deduction, was given by deduction using false premises or invalid logic. And you're confusing pattern recognition as inductive reasoning. inductive reasoning is a sort of deductive reasoning. Also, >>132 is not glorifying nor dismissing anything, dumbass.

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