Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Vody's FAQ page. Please read this before posting!


What is Vody?

Vody is a simple message board, called a textboard, where people can create threads and post comments with whatever text they want.

How do I register an account?

User registration isn't available. You can pick whatever name you want for any post, or post anonymously.

What if someone tries to impersonate me?

You can use a tripcode. Do this by entering your name into the [Name] field and placing a hash mark ("#") followed by a password. The site will hash what you put after the hash mark. For example, "Bush#911" will display as "Bush!b56a18e0ea" on the boards.

Can I post images?

No. Vody is a textboard. However, you can always include a link to an image in your post.

How do I reply to a thread?

There are two ways to reply to a thread:

If you're viewing a thread's page (ex., the form at the top of the page will be a reply form. Posting from it will reply to the thread you're viewing.

The second way to reply is by simply clicking on a post's ID (ex. No.22). Clicking on it will bring up a reply window.

What does ">>" mean?

Two pointers (">>") specify which post you're replying to (ex. >>73). The reply window adds it to the [Comment] field automatically.

How do I quote a post?

To quote a post, put a pointer (">") in front of the text you want to quote (ex. >Quotes appear like this.).

Note: Quotes only work on new lines.

How do I delete my post?

A the bottom of the board, there's a delete form. To delete a post, enter the ID of the post you want to delete and the password you set for the post.

What does "sage" mean?

Entering "sage" into the [Options] field when replying to a thread will cause the thread not to bump to the top of the board.

Note: A sage is not a downvote. Misusing it may result in a ban.