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[#22] The Quantum-Net (*゚ー゚) (2020-07-25 11:04:26)
U.S. officials and scientists unveiled a plan Thursday to pursue what they called one of the most important technological frontiers of the 21st century: building a quantum Internet.

Speaking in Chicago, one of the main hubs of the work, they set goals for forging what they called a second Internet — one that would function alongside the globe’s existing networks, using the laws of quantum mechanics to share information more securely and to connect a new generation of computers and sensors.

The networks promise to be more secure — some even say unhackable — because of the nature of photons and other quantum bits, known as qubits. Any attempt to observe or disrupt these particles would automatically alter their state and destroy the information being transmitted, scientists say.
[#24] The Quantum-Nyet Crow (2020-07-25 20:02:09)
No more 1s and 0s? Do 8 qubits equal a qubyte?