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Anon survey Freeze!6fbd841e2e 2019/12/20(Fri)20:57:42 UTC No.70
Just curious why my previous reply to this thread was deleted. I am trying to give my co-workers an anonymous place to voice his/her opinion. It could lead to some positive exposure to the site since I have nearly 300 co-workers. It's obviously not spam since I duplicated the trip. If we are not wanted I can take the movement elsewhere.
Anonymous 2019/12/20(Fri)21:00:56 UTC No.71
madmin 2019/12/20(Fri)21:14:38 UTC No.72
Shoot! Sorry about that. The way the comment was formatted made it seem like spam, so the thread was saged (the trip has nothing to do with it, since spam posts can easily enter tripcodes). Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix the thread.
Anonymous 2019/12/20(Fri)21:34:55 UTC No.74
>>72 Much appreciated
Anonymous 2019/12/20(Fri)21:57:13 UTC No.75
>>72 I will post another survey in the near future to post no 70 with an identical trip if that helps. In the newsletter that will be circulated to co-workers I specified a specific trip code so I can verify the responses were from co-workers and not random people. Will a consistant input after # in name field output a consistant trip code?
Anonymous 2019/12/20(Fri)22:01:18 UTC No.76
>>72 Even better. Tnx.
madmin 2019/12/20(Fri)22:53:56 UTC No.77
>>75 Yes, it will. I'd recommend reading the >>>/faq/ page.

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