All mixed up A. Coward 2019/11/22(Fri)18:46:46 UTC No.2
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I teleported home one night With Ron and Sid and Meg. Ron stole Meggie's heart away And I got Sidney's leg. - From The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Haiku !4f4adcbf8c 2019/11/22(Fri)22:17:31 UTC No.3
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>>2 The Web site you seek Cannot be located, but Countless more exist.

Cyber English Teacher 2019/11/22(Fri)22:41:16 UTC No.4
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>>3 for line in poem: if syllables( line ) not in [5, 7]: throw Fail

Anonymous 2019/12/11(Wed)12:56:07 UTC No.101
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WHen the moon hits youre eyes, like a big pizza pie thats amoray

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