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Anonymous 2020/02/18(Tue)04:07:43 UTC No.163 [Reply]
follow my insta meme page @just_a_daily_meme_page for daily funny memes. im a public account with daily posts, around 5 posts a day

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Anonymous 2020/02/04(Tue)17:21:52 UTC No.161 [Reply]
>be me >learn how to green-text >feelsgood.mp4

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Anonymous 2020/01/28(Tue)11:55:11 UTC No.155 [Reply]
>futaba style script >""textboard""
Anonymous 2020/02/02(Sun)21:02:11 UTC No.160
Not only are you misusing the quote arrow, but you also took out of context the echo meme. You, messieurs, are an idiot.

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Anonymous 2020/01/20(Mon)16:18:01 UTC No.150 [Reply]
Anonymous 2020/01/22(Wed)00:28:33 UTC No.152
Text Art: ギター
strum strum

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[Encryption] Secure access request [HTTPS] Anonymous 2020/01/11(Sat)20:59:27 UTC No.139 [Reply]
It would be a neat idea to add HTTPS/TLS, or whatever it's called, support to your website. You could look into on how to do that.
Anonymous 2020/01/13(Mon)14:57:57 UTC No.146
It costs you nothing and it can even be automated so you don't have to worry about expiration of the certificate. Let me know, in this thread, if you're going to do that or not, please. I'll undeniably welcome it.
madmin 2020/01/14(Tue)00:06:30 UTC No.147
I ordered a certificate. Thanks for the suggestion.
Anonymous 2020/02/15(Sat)22:41:13 UTC No.162
The Internet. My first love. Once full of promises, a utopia, what have I loved this Internet. I wanted to be one with this entity, with this rush. So many people, so many cables, circuit boards and hard drives. The connections, technical and human, we can communicate with one another! What a romantic idea, we all can say anything to each other now. But this idea is only romantic if it is stripped completely of its mediality. To be honest, that everybody can say anything is a really dumb idea. Noone can really want that. And why not? Because this would mean the total abolition of any value system. Language structures our lives. It also has material effects. If anyone can say anything, there are no rules. No rules, no values. The idea of the imageboard 8chan was that anyone could say anything. No limits, no prohibitions. Completely anonymous. No one would ever be held accountable for anything they posted – and how should they be? You couldn't tell who wrote what. At the same time, this is the ultimate perversion: anyone can say anything, but not as themselves. And so, really no one has said anything. This forms the language of anonymous *chans: a downward spiral of condescending disdain. The unwritten rules for participating in a *chan conversation is to write something that outperforms all previous posts in viciousness, disdain, nihilism or other bad feelings. No reparative modes of communication seem to be allowed. Nothing in this sphere can heal you. This mode of communication is not confined to imageboards, but enters the rest of the Internet through memes. There is no spell defining the rules of the game like in battle rap. In battle rap, there is a beginning and an ending, whatever is said in between is said and not said at the same time: it's a form of meta-communication. Also, this frame of reference makes transgressive statements possible in the first place. There is no spell on the Internet, as it is a ubiquitous medium. The downward spiral of disdain works just because it's not clear what has ever been the frame of reference for irony. If anything can be ironic, and you don't know who said what, how would you know what's irony and what isn't? Impossible without a frame of reference.

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ITS ALMOST TIME Anonymous67 2020/01/09(Thu)14:18:44 UTC No.135 [Reply]
Anonymous 2020/01/16(Thu)00:23:03 UTC No.148
Anonymous 2020/01/23(Thu)19:22:46 UTC No.153
Anonymous 2020/01/23(Thu)22:36:51 UTC No.154
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Anonymous 2020/01/07(Tue)19:21:46 UTC No.122 [Reply]
as of 2020, Santa is now a fat ,black, homosexual ,whos husband is a 12 year old pan
Anonymous 2020/01/07(Tue)22:36:25 UTC No.125
Really, he's fat now?

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Anonymous 2020/01/07(Tue)19:22:07 UTC No.124 [Reply]
as of 2020, Santa is now a fat ,black, homosexual ,whos husband is a 12 year old pan

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santa emergency meta!5cbb669c4b 2020/01/07(Tue)19:21:48 UTC No.123 [Reply]
it's 2020 and santa is black homosexual with a 12 year old elf as a husband

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first post of the decade meta!5cbb669c4b 2020/01/01(Wed)05:07:01 UTC No.103 [Reply]
what's up my 2020 homies
Anonymous 2020/01/03(Fri)17:46:16 UTC No.120
what's popping

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dicks out for Harambe Anonymous 2019/12/31(Tue)09:51:27 UTC No.101 [Reply]
dicks out for Harambe

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kim jong-un 2019/12/26(Thu)01:14:17 UTC No.88 [Reply]
merry Christmas. we are proud to announce our Christmas missile for the u.s. this year
Anonymous 2019/12/26(Thu)03:52:23 UTC No.89

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Obama 2019/12/25(Wed)02:21:26 UTC No.86 [Reply]
My fellow Americans, it was revealed that Santa Claus was responsible for 9/11.

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Anon survey Freeze!6fbd841e2e 2019/12/20(Fri)20:57:42 UTC No.70 [Reply]
Just curious why my previous reply to this thread was deleted. I am trying to give my co-workers an anonymous place to voice his/her opinion. It could lead to some positive exposure to the site since I have nearly 300 co-workers. It's obviously not spam since I duplicated the trip. If we are not wanted I can take the movement elsewhere.
Anonymous 2019/12/20(Fri)21:57:13 UTC No.75
>>72 I will post another survey in the near future to post no 70 with an identical trip if that helps. In the newsletter that will be circulated to co-workers I specified a specific trip code so I can verify the responses were from co-workers and not random people. Will a consistant input after # in name field output a consistant trip code?
Anonymous 2019/12/20(Fri)22:01:18 UTC No.76
>>72 Even better. Tnx.
madmin 2019/12/20(Fri)22:53:56 UTC No.77
>>75 Yes, it will. I'd recommend reading the >>>/faq/ page.
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Anon survey Freeze!6fbd841e2e 2019/12/20(Fri)03:26:55 UTC No.59 [Reply]
1.) Are you satisfied with the morale at work? 2.) Do you feel Human Resources cares? 3.) Do you have respect for upper management (above managers)? 4.) A good indication of a companies overall sucess is measured by employee morale, customer satisfaction and cash flow. Do you agree? 5.) On a scale of 1 to 10 rate company on above criteria. Thanks for your participation and hard work.
!1f2a8c81ff 2019/12/20(Fri)04:37:29 UTC No.60
Directions and trip test