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Anonymous 2019/12/03(Tue)23:05:50 UTC No.38
What have you guys been watching recently? Include links if possible.
Chiko 2019/12/20(Fri)21:21:45 UTC No.73
>>38 Kandagawa Jet Girls
Anonymous 2019/12/21(Sat)22:49:18 UTC No.78
Text Art: 78
>>73 Same, anon
Lexi 2019/12/31(Tue)02:02:12 UTC No.100
Azur Lane
Joe 2019/12/31(Tue)21:25:11 UTC No.102
I am watching "Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka?" for the second time
Anonymous 2020/01/19(Sun)23:31:07 UTC No.149
Bang Dream!
Anonymous 2020/01/20(Mon)19:04:31 UTC No.151
Black Lagoon better than I was expecting it to be, highly recommend
Anonymous 2020/01/28(Tue)11:59:35 UTC No.156
Almost done with Clannad Very sad ;_;

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