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[#32] (*゚ー゚) (2020-08-23 19:08:58)Hide #32
Perhaps. But how would it work? It is difficult to have a nation based on anonymity. Also, I want to scare away the typical 4chan alt-right scum. Maybe we should make it a BIPOC commune.
[#35] Administrator poisons203 (2020-09-21 22:22:53)
Very well. You'd get way more members on Discord too.
[#36] (*゚ー゚) (2020-09-23 16:17:32)
That is such a dumb term, calling nonwhites colored sounds so fucking racist to me.

I think the biggest problem with a digital micronation, is what the point of it all is. What do you do? Chit-chat with some artificial culture imposed over you? Roleplay? This is why it usually is based around a video game because there is not much you can really do outside of the fun theoretical worldbuilding stuff. It's like Esperanto or some other constructed language that weird nerds learn, this sort of thing should be natural and in real life. Fuck it nevermind nobody's gonna read this anyway
[#39] (*゚ー゚) (2020-09-25 14:24:51)
All culture is artificial. It doesn't grow on trees.
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[#7] Micronationalism (*゚ー゚) (2020-06-18 13:25:55)Hide #7
Would anyone like to start a simulationist micronation with me?
[#25] Cyber Nation Squeaky (2020-07-25 20:08:25)
[#28] (*゚ー゚) (2020-07-29 14:47:56)
No, not a game like NationStates. Something more like Sealand but in cyberspace.
[#30] Administrator poisons203 (2020-08-09 19:06:56)
Why not do it here? Name it and I'll make a board for it.
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