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[#29] Massive Explosions in Beriut, Lebanon (*゚ー゚) (2020-08-04 23:52:17)Hide #29
Two massive explosions rocked Beirut on Tuesday, flattening much of the port, damaging buildings across the capital and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. More than 70 people were killed and more than 3,000 injured, with bodies buried in the rubble, officials said. Miles from the port, building facades were shredded, balconies were knocked down and windows shattered. Streets were covered with glass and bricks and lined with wrecked cars. It could be heard and felt as far away as Cyprus, more than 180 miles across the Mediterranean.

Abbas Ibrahim, chief of Lebanese General Security, said it might have been caused by highly explosive material that was confiscated from a ship some time ago and stored at the port. Local television channel LBC said the material was sodium nitrate.
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